Training Center Management Software

Imagine being able to manage your entire training business from one central hub. In reality, this is totally achievable — instead of stitching together a patchwork system of programmes to manage different tasks, a TMS offers one unified solution.

Gone are the days of manually inputting the same data across multiple platforms — time and time again; a training management software allows you to schedule courses and presenters, track payments and business growth, and provide relevant marketing, all under one roof. Having one software as top dog means your data stays fresh and responsive to changes made in real-time, plus automating manual processes like the ones listed above is seamless and stress-free as all aspects are already connected and in sync with one another.

Our Featurs

Manage courses

Create a catalog of courses and associated materials: participation, certificates, hand-outs, and sign-in sheets.

Mitigate training

Automatic notifications of required trainings (initial and renewal). .

Manage costs

Capture and track costs relating to training courses for simple cost tracking and cost

Create a skill

Ensure employees receive required training by automatically adding them to a course based)

Request for Demo

Seeing believes. We will be more than happy to give you a seperate version in the name of your company. Please evaluate and let us know your opinion about the software. This is in-house hand-crafted software on PHP framework Codeignator. So any change of process, design, reporting can be made on demand.

If you feel any hardship using the software for the first time just call us, our designated trainer will give you guideline that you can get the right solution according to your business with this highly customizable software. To get the link and credential of your copy just submit the form right and click submit. For any query