Co-Operative Society (Samity) Software

A co-operative or “co-op” society is an association of individuals having common needs who join hands for the achievement of common economic interest and voluntarily cooperate for their mutual benefits, social cooperation and cultural benefits. A Cooperative society is own and managed by the group of people who joins their hand to cooperate each other and works for the betterment of society. The cooperative society could be group housing society, credit cooperative society, agricultural cooperative society, mutual benefit society, credit and thrift society and Non Agri Cooperative Thrift & Credit Society

One Point Co-operative Society Software is specialized hassle-free Multi-Branch and Multi-User web-based software with centralized database for all Cooperative Society. Our software will help you minimize the paper work and stress involved with running a cooperative. Our cooperative management software allows you to track member details, contribution information, loan disbursement and investment portfolios all from one place.

Major Modules


Manage all members (Add member, List of Members & Member Profile).


Manage all account (MSS, MFDS, MPDS, MMPS, MLDS, MDBDS & Account Details).


Manage all Loans (Open Account, List Of Loan, Pay Installment, Installment & List).


Manage all Expense (Add Category, Categories, Add Expense & Expense List)

Branch Management

Manage all branches

Credit Transfer

Manage all credit transfer.


Manage all nominees.


Manage all Reports

More Features of Samity Software

Request for Demo

Seeing believes. We will be more than happy to give you a seperate version in the name of your company. Please evaluate and let us know your opinion about the software. This is in-house hand-crafted software on PHP framework Codeignator. So any change of process, design, reporting can be made on demand.

If you feel any hardship using the software for the first time just call us, our designated trainer will give you guideline that you can get the right solution according to your business with this highly customizable software. To get the link and credential of your copy just submit the form right and click submit. For any query